Ken Lowson

Los Angeles, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Ken

I was a born Entrepreneur and started my first little business at 13. I have never had a job or worked for anyone else. Of the five major company's I started 4 went into the multimillions in profits, so my hit rate is exceptional. My last business left me a bit infamous; you can ask me anything you wish. Look me up on Google as I hide nothing.

My new company explanation short version is: Make Fans Dream Experiences Possible With Their Favorite Stars/Athletes/Teams Via Custom Fan Clubs. Each Fan Club Has a Social Suite and Will Be Graphically Unique, However, Maintains Continuity Via the Innovative Services Offered. Monetization Will Be Achieved in Multiple Ways, Using Unparalleled Methods Designed to Earn New Profit Streams Unthought of Previously. At The Same Time's Plans Increase Fan Love and Loyalty. This Then Converts to Brand, Legacy, and Image Value Increases. We Do Require a Notarized Non-Disclosure to Go Into Further Detail. Thanks for Your Time.

If you wish to be part of a multi-billion dollar disruption company that will change the world, then we are good to take a look at.

The formula itself is simple:

Fans = Everyone in the World as Everyone is the Fan of Something.
Fans have been used and abused for 2000 years, no joke I have a quote from 4 AD about how Scalpers were taking all the money.
Celebrities = People that earn their living from Fans.
In a Zero Distance world, Celebrities will be able to draw a direct line from their social popularity to their bottom line income, fame, legacy, brand value, etc. So they must care about their Fans, and their Fans must love them, or they lose.

In the end, this is what 411Fan is all about, we have 37,000 Fan Clubs, and we are growing we even have Fan Clubs for championship Ping Pong players. Each Fan club is its little monetization page, and we have over 20 methods of monetization that are unique and new.

I need a Co-Founding Tech partner most of all. Age does not matter however I believe that there is a divide between the Millenials and us Gen Xers where Millenials have a natural affinity with technology when most of us old guys hate it. Not me I embrace and love change.