Kendra Kroll

Kings County, New York, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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First time founder

About Kendra

Creative, determined travel & fitness-loving mompreneur with an idea that has potential to change the way we carry things, and is the best thing since SPANX to bring you confidence when you wear it under your outfit (albeit it in a different way). Been working consistently on this patented problem-solver for 7+ yrs now... need help. Too much for one person to do it all, and need to move forward now, faster. Now that larger smartphones are gaining popularity, there's a need to PUT them somewhere (among other things). Pockets in your clothes don't (and won't) work; reliance on bags & purses = risk. That's why PortaPocket is a win. Need a methodical, savvy business partner with a vision for how to maneuver and get things DONE. Honesty, and a sense of humor very important. After all, I walk around Chicago with a giant leg strapped to my back. Get used to it. lol!

Have been working on getting license deal, but that's been difficult, too. Had 2 in-person meetings at Under Armour HQs last year, but was told 'no' in the spring of '14 ..they never said WHY, despite my ask ... ;/ Will keep looking for the right fit...

My background is in sales/marketing. Was an Account Exec, and Director of Marketing for several Special Events companies in Chicagoland for 17+ years ...after graduating with BA from University of Michigan (Communications & Psychology). After having my daughter in '04, got into real estate for 5 years ('05-'10). During that time (besides the RE market falling off a cliff), had a mishap with a spare tampon...which rolled out of my pocket and sat in the middle of the gym floor for 10 min in July of '07...and I was the only female there. (nice). So THAT became my impetus to create. But of course!

Ideal person to work with will be a go-getter, self starter with a vision for how to maneuver in the real world, and know how to 'read' people better than I do. Someone who wants to make change for the good and make life better for people on the planet in small (but very important) ways. Like the 'o' rings on the shuttle... little things mean a LOT. Maybe even someone with connections to people in high places to give me /us the time of day ;)

Feel free to look me up. Just ask if you're interested. I'm direct, to the point (yes, at times can be intense) but I promise... I don't bite ;) See more about why I love getting up in the morning at


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Bachelor of Arts

1987 - 1987