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Dublin, Ireland

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Hi, I'm Kenn. I'm a techpreneur / edupreneur / musicpreneur and ultimately someone who doesnt like the smell of manure. Hope I haven't put you off. Read on you will be interested - well the right people will!
I am trained in media production, management, new business development and innovation. I'm a musician, tech enthusiast and passionate about creativity. I'm the founder of Muso, an educational service that uses music and new media to develop literacy skills and creative thinking.
Currently I am leading a team that is developing a music social network that leverages reward structures to connect artists and fans. Our platform is an entirely new music space designed by musicians and fans for musicians and fans. It engages the fan in cool, new and innovative ways. It offers the fan closer connection and a chance to feel part of their favourite artists' music journey.
We already have a number of bands and artists who will feature on the platform, including The Ripe Tide Movement and Walking on cars who are part of our promotional campaign. We were also selected as one of 10 tech start ups to feature at this years Hard Working Class Heroes festival.
So, we are looking for developers in PHP (preferably with knowledge in Symphony but don't let this put you off) Ajax, Java & CSS to join our start up. If you're passionate about music that's a bonus but if not, so long as you have good music on your phone you're in!
We truly believe we are disrupting the music industry. The thing is, do you believe it? This is a really cool opportunity to get in now on the ground floor at the very beginning and be part of something new, something revolutionary but more importantly something that will change your life for the better.
Come on, don't be bashful, now you tell us why you should be part of our dream!



B.A. Media Management

2006 - 2006


Entrepreneurship and Innovation