Kenneth Hightower

Dallas, Texas, US

Kenneth's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kenneth

I have spent many hours online studying international commerce and ways to reach my goals. Here are a few of the ebooks which my employees in the Philippines and Bangladesh have helped me create: (If you ask I will give you one. An ebook review would be very helpful to my sales)
In the process of developing these ebooks, I have made many good friends with talented people in developing countries. The economy in these countries makes it possible to find excellent human resources with wages that are unheard of in developed countries. Some might say that I am taking advantage of these people, but I prefer to believe that I am giving them opportunities they would not other wise have.

Although I have many goals and interests for my economic future, my primary goal is to start a business teaching medical personel the art and science of healing through Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. Modern technical advances such as Skype will make this endiver possible. The plan is to create informative writings with frequently searched keywords to draw traffic to a website. Social media and crowd funding will also be an invaluable source of traffic. On the website talented individuals will be available at a resonable price to help find solutions to lifes most pressing problems.
Three possible projects come to mind as possible work projects.
1) Teach Emotional Freedom Techniques to medical students in Cuba.
2) Teach Emotional Freedom Techniques to nervous drivers via skype.
3) Deliver electrical generators to Bangladesh.

I am looking for partners who have experience in crowd funding, internet marketing or start up business.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Education with a major in Psychology and Minor in Sociology.
I am a licensed massage therapist.
I have taught driving for 14 years.