Kenneth Rahn Jr

East Greenwich, Rhode Island, US

Kenneth's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Kenneth

By day I work as a full-stack Perl developer for a popular web-based conference management platform. While I mainly dev there, I also have some sysadmin responsibilities.

By night I work for my consulting clients, and on personal projects I hope to turn into start-ups. My most recent projects are websites that I built from scratch, host, and have generated the majority of the content for:

I am also married and have two wonderful children. I am very driven to provide for my family, and my dream is to own my own business that changes the world in one small way.

I'm a very technical person, and need someone more business-oriented. I'm looking for a co-founder is who complements my skills and shares my passion for creating an amazing product. While core-competence overlap is nice, I feel it is more important to round out the team by filling gaps rather than making them more pronounced.


University of Rhode Island

BS Computer Science, Minor in Math

2008 - 2008

University of Rhode Island

BS Computer Engineering, Minor in Physics

2008 - 2008