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York, Pennsylvania, US

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Gardening has long been the top hobby in the U.S. for decades. An even greater percentage of people have become involved as urban and small-space gardening techniques have become known. Conservative estimates place 45-50 million Americans in this market, as of January, 2013. With recent climate changes, an additional market of “preppers” has sprung up. It is rapidly approaching a market of 4 million. There is an amount of overlap between the two markets. However, the potential upside for the preppers market cannot be ignored, especially given those customers are willing to spend for the right products and services.

With the advent of agribusiness intruding into biodiversity and especially seed diversity and the horrors of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), changes in air masses have occurred, predominately the Amazon Basin area. This has caused climate changes and altered the mechanism of how hurricanes in the Atlantic are formed. Sandy in late 2012 is only the beginning of such mega-storms. The result will leave millions stranded from normal supply channels every year, until the rain forests are replanted. Therefore, the LowTechBasics approach to bio-dynamic agriculture and survival becomes extremely important information. Its related products and services are vital to the prepper as well as any individual wanting to learn how to grow their own food in the simplest and most nutritious manner possible.

LowTechBasics has the strategy of coordinating its YouTube channel with its website to gain exposure, subscribers, and direct customers. The long-term goal is the building of powerful subscriber and customer lists. The website will sell products from inventory, drop shipping, affiliate links, and advertising. It will utilize monetization tools, such as ad words. The website and the You Tube channel will be advanced through forums, blogs, friendly websites, and especially social media.

Once the site is truly operational (i.e.-shopping cart, checkout), we will then look to become a dealer for a hand grain grinder and approach companies to be either affiliates or to solicit them for advertising. Furthermore, 2 e-books intended for sale are complete. More e-books will be forthcoming (whether for sale or giveaway). However, the main goal is to have a list of people who have opted-in for free subscription as well as a separate list of those who have purchased one or more items from the site.

The website and the YouTube channel will be content driven. The vast bulk of content/info will be provided for free to attract traffic and subscribers. Having a quality-designed, user-friendly website and skilled videos on YouTube (that take advantage of the numerous psychological and marketing tools suggested by YouTube) will build lists, at least, one of which, will exceed one million people. This is only a two percent share of the gardening market.

The average amount spent by home gardeners is presently $450 annually.This figure is partially skewed as the data includes lawn care. However, since this industry is evolving and expanding rather rapidly, it is there where the target of this market must aim. Far more startling is the amount spent by preppers. Figures for 2012 are very fragmented, yet it is clear that by lumping together the different sources of information, that this is a very serious market