Kevin Boutte

Lubbock, Texas, US

Kevin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kevin

I am a designer, builder, and innovator who is looking to make an impact by incorporating Big Data to help find, create, and share experiences within public and private-public spaces. Our startup is currently composed of myself and another co-founder who has years of experience in media production. The aspirations for the company is to become the authority for mobile media experiences while maintaining an activity profile similar to the leading social networks. We want to bring more value to our physical world, through mobile applications and additional technologies. And, we see this current venture as stepping stone towards the revitalization of our world and the way we participate within physical space. We are looking to disrupt the current advertising, social media, and travel & leisure industries over the coming years.

Our ideal candidate has developer experience in IOS or Android devices. In addition, they have an interest in spearheading a project to create a server database which converts big data into information that matters in highly visual ways for our front-end users.As a result they should be knowledgeable in creating and managing data-driven databases.