Kevin Brouillaud

Paris, France

Kevin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kevin

I'm a 24 year-old French entrepreneur, starting my company by the end of the year / early 2016. I've been working on this very big project for a few years and it is now time to release it.
Before that, I made a BA in Fashion & Luxury Management in Paris and have different experiences in different companies (mainly in Web and Fashion) so that I could train my creative and business skills in order to prepared to create, launch a product from scratch and run a company.

The project is about breaking the barrier between the Internet and the real word, thanks to a new social networking & e-commerce experience which main goal is to build a huge database where "objects" are linked between each other in order to bring to life what people call the Web 3.0. I'm vague on purpose but it will be a pleasure to talk about it further with you.

Currently, the project is in programming phase. I am building the beta website in PHP, Javascript and the Parse SDK and it's 60% done. As I am more business oriented, I am looking for people that want to be part of an amazing project and that can help me out to get the final product done faster.

I planned to start the company as soon as the website will be ready for the public beta release, then raise funds in order to make the team bigger, develop the iOS and Android apps and really start this adventure.