Kevin Hector

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Kevin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Kevin

Marketing Diploma and 3 years English law external studies with university of London undergraduate.More than 15 years of financial market experience as broker-dealer trading in forex,commodity,metals,indices including binary options.Additional experience over 9 years in spread and sports betting markets.

I believe in high trust management development in order for a business to be successful.The priority in any business is to focus on excellent client services to enhance recurring sales since the objective of being in business is to profit and profitability is generated from excellent sales service provided for clients' trust and understanding...

The objective is in developing the company with a strategized plan to obtain IPO status in becoming a recognized financial brokerage service provider in the Latin and Caribbean markets...

The ideal candidate should be participants who can appreciate opportunities and understand the essence of making money work for you especially in the financial markets where abundant opportunities are available 24 hours a day making this business the single largest liquefied market in the world today...

Hence ideal candidates preferred to join participation should be in the minimum amount of USD 30,000 with unlimited upside potential...