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Kevin Lentz

San Francisco, United States
Startup stage
Programming, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Management, Finance
We are an early-stage startup with a solid B2B product that is built, tested and has paying customers. Our solution is a mobile Point of Sale application, which is a market that is exploding over the next couple of years. We are about moving into a heavy sales/business development cycle, and need to bring on a strong CTO to handle ongoing product enhancements, new feature development, and customer support. I am an engineer whose strengths lie in product marketing/management and have led development of the product to this point, but it's time to bring on a power-house developer so we can spread our expertise. Once we bring on a partner, I would like my time to split 50/50 between engineering and sales. This opportunity exists for someone who can bring 30+ hours of development every week in exchange for equity. Salary to be paid as quickly as we onboard additional customers.

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