Kevin Macconkey

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Founder @ContentCollective Marketing; Founder @Kickstand Coaching; Copywriting & Content Specialist
Kevin's Skills
Graphic Designer
Graphic Design
Graphic Arts
Channel Branding
Branding & Product Identity
Branding & Identity Marketing
Company Presentations
Company Profiles
Company Branding
E Commerce
Website Promotion
Website Graphics
Website Consultation
Website Building
Website Branding
Website Public Relations
Strategic Public Relations Planning
Public Relations
Agency Management
Agency Direction
Business-to-Business (B2B)
B2B eCommerce
Advertising Services
Advertising Sales
Advertising Consulting
Advertising and Promotion
Advertising Agency
B2C e-commerce
B2C Marketing
B2B Marketing Strategy
B2B Marketing
B to C
B to B Sales
B to B
Copy Editing
Catalog Copy
Brochure Copy
Advertising Copy
Brand Development
Brand Developement
Brand Design
Brand Consultancy
Brand Consistency
Brand Awareness
Brand Audit
Brand Asset Management
Brand Advertising
Social Media-Marketing
Social Media Strategist
Social Media Public Relations
Social Media Outreach
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Integration
Social Media Development
Social Media Consulting
Social Media Communications
Social Media Coaching
Social Media Blogging
Social Media Best Practices
Social Media Advertising
Social Media
Social Branding
Social Analytics
Social Advertising
Marketing Agreements
Marketing Consulting
Marketing Documents
Marketing Communications Planning
Marketing Copy
Marketing Concepts
Marketing Communications
Marketing Coaching
Marketing Budget
Marketing Assistance
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Agency
Business Strategy
Business Networking
Branding & Identity

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Kevin

Founder @ ContentCollective Digital - +1 (628) 222-2388 -

--Owner/Copywriter/Content Marketing Specialist
--Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist
--Strategic Certified Partners with Yelp, and Bing Places for Business

Founder @ Coaching
--Ordained Spiritual & Personal Growth Coach
--Workshop Facilitator/Coaching/Infopreneur

A certified expert on:

International/Domestic Travel
NewUsed Autos
Social Media Strategy
Content Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Copywriting/Web Copy
Enhanced Communication Skills
Body Language
Confidence/Public Speaking

Relationship/Intimacy Issues
Abuse Recovery
Mindful Meditation

I would welcome contact from anyone regarding their business/product needs that wants to connect. I'm open to giving advice/consulting, outsourcing/freelance work, and more.

If you know of someone who may be a good fit for ContentCollective Digital, I encourage you to reach out and make the introduction. I'm always looking for new opportunities & ways to expand.

Kevin MacConkey
+1 (628) 222-2388


Whether you believe you can or you can't; You're right! - Henry Ford

Work Experience

Founder | Copywriting & Content Marketing Specialist | Web Design | Social Media Mgr.

ContentCollective Digital

February 2017 - December 2016

B2B, B2C, SEO/Local SEO, SEO Copywriting/Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Content Creation/Content Marketing, Web/Social Media Page Design, Graphic Design, Sales/Web Copy, Email Marketing, Newsletters, Blog Editorial Services, PPC Advertising, Press Releases, E-books, Ghostwriting, Marketing/Advertising Consultant Expert Copywriter on: +Travel (International & Domestic) +Automotive (New/Used Autos, Sales, Maintenance) +Communication & Body Language +Relationship & Confidence Building +Anxiety & Stress Reduction Techniques +Mindful Meditation Clientele Sample: -Tempesta Media -Above Zest -Spray-N-Relief Brand -SynergisticCollabs Consultants -3Birds Marketing and many other brands...

Founder | Ordained Spiritual & Personal Growth Coach | Motivational Speaker

Kickstand Coaching &

December 2014 - Today

Created coaching programs that have successfully empowered hundreds of people to reach their peak potential with courses on: Relationship/Intimacy Issues Confidence & Communication Anxiety/Stress Mgmt. Mindful Meditation Domestic Abuse Recovery Writing a Book on Alternative Lifestyles for Couples & developing a couple's counseling program that teaches struggling couples how to grow their love.


Monroe Community College

Communications: Marketing & PR

2001 - 2002


Body Language for Leaders

Travel Expert (International & Domestic)

Tempesta Media

Automotive Writer (New & Used)

Tempesta Media

Inbound Marketing Specialist


Topics Followed 94
Account management 15440 Ad Agencies 36 Advertising 42935 Affiliate marketing 756 Algorithms 925 Angel investing 1339 Angel investor 481 Artificial intelligence 656 Automation 338 B2B 23389 B2B sales 1185 B2b marketing 875 Blogging 19495 Brand Development 42203 Branding 1075 Business Analysis 53844 Business networking 652 Content management 885 Content marketing 19289 Content strategy 18989 Copywriting 1524 Digital Content 199 Digital marketing 79782 Due Diligence 13192 E-Commerce 68172 Email Templates 16 Entrepreneurship 136992 Facebook 1524 Finding cofounders 778 Founder equity 240 Front-end Development 328 Fullstack Developer 250 Fundraising 82744 Funnel optimization 67 Git 793 Go to market strategy 26405 Google Analytics 1408 Grant Writing 538 Grants 302 HTML5 857 Html/css 243 Investments 35578 Investor pitch 731 JQuery 1450 JavaScript 30446 Journalism 634 Json 416 Kickstarter 108 LinkedIn 128 Machine learning 1176 Marketing Strategy 92713 Marketing agencies 49 Monetization 865 Mysql 12234 Natural language processing 227 Niche markets 30 Node.js 912 Online advertising 51233 Open source 580 Optimization 190 Php 11962 Public speaking 37956 React.js 212 Responsive Design 275 SEO/SEM 388 Saas 38856 Sales 58576 Sales Management 35024 Social Media 61189 Social Media Marketing 37795 Startups 132313 Strategic Partnerships 92070 Tech startups 360 UX Development 175 User Experience Design 29908 User Interface Design 25539 User engagement 46 User-generated content 37 Valuation 21065 Venture capital 72310 Viral marketing 386 Web Analytics 17078 Web Development 55589 Website Development 941 Website design 410 Wireframes 244 Wordpress 1411 Workshop facilitation 728 Workshops 56 Writing 1346 Xml 1165 Y-Combinator 25 Yelp 7 kickstarters 4