Kevin Sahba, PhD

Perth, Australia

Kevin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kevin

Do you want to change the way people see the world - literally?

The sense of sight is a powerful gift that can easily be taken for granted. Viewing events, monuments, beautiful scenery, engaging streetscapes and human interaction across different cities around the world fills us with excitement and exposes us to different cultures. Indeed, today's tools let us enter an address and we are there in an instant, seeing a snapshot in time from when the vehicle-mounted or satellite camera captured the images and stitched them together.

Ahura Global aims to take this capability further. Think cloud streaming video, think big data, think video management, think about walking down any street in the world, whenever you want, from wherever you are and seeing what's happening right there and then.

Like all entrepreneurs, I have a grand vision (1% of the winning formula) and like all entrepreneurs I require coordinated support in terms of product development to bring my vision to the relevant market sectors, in the first instance as a proof-of-concept.

I can confirm:
- International growth industry
- Product demand firmly validated
- Potential users seeking prototype demos

Some background info about me:
- Undergrad in Computer Science, Honours
- PhD, terrestrial laser radar for security applications
- 4 years applied R&D, patent and research grant funding experience
- 7 years as consulting engineer at mid-management in the world's largest multi-national engineering firms

Apart from technical, product development and managerial skills, the ideal co-founder will be as equally committed and have a burning desire, or permanent itch, to achieve the seemingly impossible.