Kevin Soviero

Austin, Texas, US

Experienced developer looking to cofound a startup
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About Kevin

I'm a full-stack engineer with a little over five years of experience doing so. I have the skills necessary to develop a product, but I'm not terribly creative. Therefore, I'm looking for a co-founder with a product idea and the sales/marketing skills to execute. I'd also like to focus on B2B SaaS products rather than consumer or mobile apps.

Don't know how much people care about the technical side, but here goes. These are my preferred tools for each tier they represent. Having said that, I will always use the best tool for the job.

* Amazon Web Services - IaaS, PaaS, etc.
* Terraform - Infrastructure as Code
* Packer - Golden AMI Creation
* SaltStack - Configuration Management
* PostgreSQL (RDS) - Database
* Django - Backend Web Development Framework
* Bootstrap - Frontend Web Design Framework
* AngularJS - Frontend Web Development Framework

For what it's worth, I have experience as a DevOps engineer, so unlike most developers who solely focus on/understand how to build the product, I can also handle deployment and scaling.