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Los Angeles, California, US

Always passionate, inspired, tenacious
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Hi I'm Khellar, CEO of a new money app called My story started to get interesting when, as a 23 year old small town kid living in NYC, I co-founded my first multi-MM$ internet company and wound up as a full-time resident of the Hotel Chelsea and owner of an underground bar in the Village.

From there I've traveled the world, art directed a Hollywood film, produced costumes for Star Trek 2009, co-founded an award-winning book publishing company, 3D animated on a hit Adult Swim TV show, and worked with Microsoft as a creative producer to help simulate the future of 3D web browsing.

I'm passionate about making beautiful products that speak to people intuitively and viscerally and ultimately (hopefully) help make the world a little better.

When I got into a motorcycle accident several years back I was left with my savings drained and indebted to friends and family. I wished there was a smart money app that would allow me to trickle my earnings toward paying off my debts and saving up to get back up on my feet. When I couldn't find a technology like that anywhere, I decided to create, a platform for creating intelligent savings and payment plans.

Our app and brand are beautiful and sleek. Our UI/UX is frictionless. We have a working web app and are beginning to let our first users register. We're seeking technical co-founders with strengths in the following areas:

Front-End/Mobile: Angular2, super-strong Javascript/Typescript, excellent HTML/layout skills, Grunt/Gulp, excellent CSS/Sass Skills, understanding of iOS and Android ecosystems, understanding of iOS provisioning, and preferably but not necessarily have native iOS and/or Android development skills

Senior Backend Engineer: Scala, Scalaz, Shapeless, Akka, and Postgres are "must haves"; "nice to haves" include Quill and/or Slick, Finch/Finagle, AWS Dev Ops, Python; a couple more pretty crucial things to have are a deep understanding of scalable systems and a deep understanding of event driven architecture

I'm an incredibly tenacious and focused founder looking for others with similar traits and complimentary skills. If you've gotten this far, thank you for your time and interest. Please feel welcome to reach out for any reason!


Energy and persistence conquer all things. - Benjamin Franklin


College of William & Mary


1995 - 1999