Kim Ready

Chicago, Illinois, US

Kim's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kim

Hi! My name is Kim Ready. I own a health and wellness lifestyle brand with 3 divisions: Ready Wellness focuses on corporate wellness, seminars, speaking engagements and more regarding fitness, wellness, and nutrition, Ready Meals & Nutrition is a healthy meal delivery company that partners with culinary students to create healthy, seasonal meals, and Elaine's Supper Club is a Pop-up Design & Dine Supper Club that I created to uplift local artists and designers as well as local chefs and restaurants using local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. My dinner launch was a Fall themed event Nov. 17th at The Duck Inn with Chef Kevin Hickey and a local ceramic artist who custom designed different plates for each course. It was great!

Currently I'm just looking for a co-founder for Ready Meals & Nutrition. Someone to help me market, retain and get new clients, as well as help to coordinate the meals with the students as well as meal delivery. It would be great if your talents and skills include finance, marketing, and business development.

My passion in life is helping people find a healthy balance for their specific lifestyles. Whether thats through nutrition and educating on eating food that supports local farmers to fitness and staying active to being mindful and present in your everyday life to unleashing your creativity and true potential. Everyone deserved to live a happy, healthy, balanced life!

If this resonates with you please contact me for more information. Thank you!