Kimberly Armstrong

Baltimore, Maryland, US

Kimberly's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kimberly

Abeona, is moving into another area with a patent pending telehealth product that will solve a chronic (environmental) health issue that affects predominantly undeserved patients. Therefore, we are in need of a co-founder that has proven financial background in business operations, with an expertise to raise capital for prototyping and product development. Abeona's goal is to expand our business. We are in search of someone who is passionate. and business savvy with and the ability to take a small start-up, create an exit strategy for million dollar acquisition .

Abeona Group, is an Sustainable Development Consulting firm which provides strategic advisory services to clients facing the increasing demands to implement green practices, sustainability goals and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Our mission: To Improve the quality of life for people, while enhancing the environmental sustainability of businesses, organizations and communities.