Kimberly Moore

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Kimberly's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Kimberly

I'm looking for up to 2 Co-Founders who are operations and technology mavericks. You love solving problems of process, efficiency, and have a hankering for innovation. By your own admission, you're more a technology, technical person with a creative mind to contribute to customer development but want to leave the sales/marketing to someone else. You want to be a part of an idea/concept that has the opportunity to take the common and shake up DC and beyond with a crazy yet simple uncommon solution. The market problem has validated tension and is widely solved in ways parents who highly value giving their kids the best wouldn't say is the best solution but it's what they have. You're committed to investing your sweat equity, attention, and other resources (access,etc).

Where am I now? The business plan is drafted with the input of a team of advisors from a CEO of a $25M healthcare firm, Real Estate Executive, /Harvard Bus School and a Wharton MBA grad with crazy brand experience with Pepsi to client moms and their friends. There's plenty more to an value to this business.

It's going to be organized chaos when we launch in 2015. We've recently acquired a SaaS business that creates great synergy with our product. We've up the capital raise. This is really for someone who's really ready to the leap. You've got the time, want to throw your passion into a great idea, and want to know you're making a difference in the quality of life for busy parents and their children.

I'm a builder and an innovator. Inspired by an idea from a conversation with my sister, an IBM Sales Executive with a daughter in private school and crazy busy client business in Washington, DC with the toughest commute in America. I "accidentally" created an MVP to meet a need many parents like her who have limited or no options to get their children to/from school. I'm looking for a co-founder to add value to what I started. Have made it personal and innovative thru technology. The vision has a growth strategy that will give parents across the country an option that relieves their stress, personalized to their families needs with team members who are carefully vetted and lots of fun.


University of Houston

Business Administration

1983 - 1983