Kirk Marple

Chicago, Illinois, US

Entrepreneur, platform architect, early-stage business development
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About Kirk

I have founded multiple startups, one with a successful exit, and have worked at small through Fortune 25 companies.

With expertise ranging from broadcast media workflows, video and image processing, and 3D virtual worlds, to industrial IoT, big data, cloud SaaS/PaaS, and large-scale distributed systems, I can provide “big picture” architectural insight as well as low-level Agile software development and management.

My current startup already has several SaaS/PaaS foundational services built for cloud provisioning/monetization, media management, and scalable workflow processing.

In working with data scientists and computer vision experts, I've found that they're commonly missing the "glue" of video/image management and data ingest/processing workflows, which feeds the data sets needed for model training and bringing models into production.

Looking to build a SaaS product which provides data scientists with easy tools to ingest both live video streams and pre-recorded video files, tag with metadata, search their media repositories to generate sample data sets, and deliver the image sequences to tools like TensorFlow or Caffe. Basically, the goal is to streamline the workflows for their daily data science work, and get out of the way, letting them innovate more quickly. Also, it will provide granular cost tracking and billing, while optimizing usage on multiple cloud platforms.

I already have the media asset management (MAM) and cloud provisioning platform/APIs built, and will be building out the rest of the ML pipeline and GUI. The goal is to work with Amazon/Google/Microsoft's platforms - not try and replace them - and give data scientists better tools to take advantage of the cloud platforms. Target markets are data scientists working with autonomous vehicles, surveillance, and object/person tracking.

Looking for business development partner(s) to find potential clients for the service and help with product planning and pricing models.