Kirk Marple

Chicago, Illinois, US

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Business Development
Product Management
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Founded 2+ startups

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About Kirk

I have founded multiple startups, one with a successful exit, and have worked at small through Fortune 25 companies.

With expertise ranging from broadcast media workflows, video and image processing, and 3D virtual worlds, to industrial IoT, big data, cloud SaaS/PaaS, and large-scale distributed systems, I can provide “big picture” architectural insight as well as low-level Agile software development and management.

My current startup already has several SaaS/PaaS foundational services built for cloud provisioning/monetization, media management, and scalable workflow processing.

Now interested in merging the latest technologies for 3D localization and tracking (video, LIDAR, etc), IoT sensors, and 'big data' analytics with VR/AR, into a unique "reality capture" platform to support media & entertainment and sports use cases.

Looking for innovative engineers, 3D designers and business developers, who are interested in helping develop a platform which will provide a bridge between the real and virtual world, and enable next-generation social, sports and entertainment experiences.

Currently doing product planning and market research to define MVP, and developing business plan and market fit.

Have small team in place defining technical architecture and understanding capabilities of future hardware/software dependencies. Can use additional help on VR/AR side with Unity development, 3D user experience design, as well as back-end services development.

On the business side, we can use help to pre-test market segments, find product champions at potential customers, help better define SaaS sales model, and do customer interviews to assist with product planning.