Kishore Swaminathan

Chicago, Illinois, US

Serial entrepreneur looking for a cofounder
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About Kishore

I am a Chicago-based entrepreneur and a hands-on technologist. In the past, I have launched a couple of companies and also worked as a C-level executive for a Fortune 500 company.

Over the past year, I’ve developed a novel approach and technology for electronic payments that is particularly suited for certain classes of merchants and consumers. An MVP has been built and I am in the process of filing a patent.

Based on my market research thus far, I have reasons to believe that this technology has considerable growth and revenue potential and could carve a unique niche in the payments market.

I am on the lookout for two cofounders:

1. A full-stack technologist who has strong skills in product development, system architecture and API design. UI and graphic skills are a major plus.

2. A business person with background in marketing, sales and business development with a strong understanding of technology. Fintech background is a major plus.

I am looking for ambitious, creative and positive individuals with a can-do attitude.

Come join me and let’s create a profitable and innovative company of the future!


When faced with a problem, imagine how the smartest person you know will address the problem. Then try something very different. - Anon

Work Experience

Chief Scientist


June 2002 - January 2013

I joined Accenture, left for 3 years to launch a startup (Artsonia), rejoined the company and eventually became the Chief Scientist and Global Director of R&D. As the Chief Scientist, I defined Accenture's annual Technology Vision and evangelized it through publications, keynote addresses, media interviews and through 1-1 meetings and roundtable conferences with senior (C-level mostly) client executives. I routinely conducted "innovation" workshops for clients in US, Europe and Asia. I also managed Technology Research, supervised several research teams with PhD-level researchers across US, France, India and China and helped the company commercialize the work through products, IP and client offerings. I spent a couple of years in China to launch a new R&D and Innovation Center for Accenture in Beijing. I designed and built the facility, recruited personnel, conducted client workshops and got the team as well as the Innovation Center off the ground.



January 2016 - Today

Mishkalo is a Wedding Registry for Art. It brings together two otherwise unrelated markets: the $90B art market and the $20B wedding gifts market. Mishakalo's goal is to bring a brand-new option to the wedding gifts market, simultaneously expanding the art market by bringing in younger buyers. Rationale: Couples getting married today are older and probably already living together. They are established and have pots, pans and other utilitarian items that traditional wedding registries cater to. Mishkalo caters to their aspirational, rather than utilitarian needs, with art. Original art is unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s not a commodity with a SKU. It ages well compared to blenders and toasters. It could become a collectible or an heirloom for the family that the couple is aspiring to build. Visit



November 2001 - February 2017

Artsonia is an online showcase for kids' artwork from around the world. Working with schools, Artsonia has created one of the largest art collections anywhere in the world - ~70 million pieces of artwork by kids of all ages. It facilitates the public and family members in encouraging and congratulating the kids. Checkout As a business, Artsonia sells various mementos to parents with their own kid's artwork imprinted on them. Artsonia owns its own production facilities and donates a percentage of profits back to the school art programs. Artsonia has won several awards from the National Arts Education Association for its commitment to the arts. I developed the concept, raised funding, built a startup team and successfully launched a children's art education company.

Independent Consultant & Mentor


January 2015 - Today

I am a mentor at 1871 in Chicago. In addition, I also serve as independent consultant to startups in business strategy and IP.


University of Massachusetts Amherst


1990 - 1990

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Bachelor or Technology

1988 - 1988


1871, Chicago

Co-working Space


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