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Kishore Swaminathan

Serial entrepreneur looking for a cofounder

Chicago, United States
Startup stage
Fundraising, Business Management, Techincal, Business Strategy
I am a Chicago-based entrepreneur and a hands-on technologist. In the past, I have launched a couple of companies and also worked as a C-level executive for a Fortune 500 company. Over the past year, I’ve developed a novel approach and technology for electronic payments that is particularly suited for certain classes of merchants and consumers. An MVP has been built and I am in the process of filing a patent. Based on my market research thus far, I have reasons to believe that this technology has considerable growth and revenue potential and could carve a unique niche in the payments market. I am on the lookout for two cofounders: 1. A full-stack technologist who has strong skills in product development, system architecture and API design. UI and graphic skills are a major plus. 2. A business person with background in marketing, sales and business development with a strong understanding of technology. Fintech background is a major plus. I am looking for ambitious, creative and positive individuals with a can-do attitude. Come join me and let’s create a profitable and innovative company of the future!

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