London, United Kingdom

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Why you should team up with me?
I am passionate about food and cannot wait to combine my experience in the food industry with technology. To get the ball rolling, I began learning to code exactly 1 year ago to better equip myself as a future founder. To date I am still practicing coding most days and cannot wait to share this passion and my ideas with my soon to be co-founder.

Background: Economics and MSc in Finance & Investment graduate. Upon completion of my masters I worked for a financial institution, then for a regulatory body. After some time I decided to move away from the finance to pursue a career in the food service industry to gain further insight. During this period, I used all opportunities to complete food excursions around the world.

My future co-founder:
If you enjoy your food very much and have an insatiable demand for programming on Ruby-on-Rails lets chat.


Brunel University

MSc Finance

2002 - 2002