Louisville, Kentucky, US

KJ's Skills
Product Management

About KJ

I am an experienced software developer focused on mobile devices. I have built many apps, large and small for Android and iPhone/iPad devices as well as experience building and maintaing the technology infrastructure to host and support business applications. Along with my technical skill set, I am also an entrepreneur. I think big and want to build products that change the world.

Currently, I have a mobile device management system ready to be put into beta testing. What is a mobile device management system? Simply as possible, it is a hosted service where organizations can register, track, configure and manage their smartphone and tablets. Who needs a mobile device management system? Any organization that utilizes these device and realizes that once you have more than a couple of them, it can be an enormous challenge to keep track of and maintain these expensive and pervasive little tools. The software is non specific at this point and could be put to use or customized for nearly any industry.

I am looking for a cofounder to compliment what I can bring to the table. I have invested a lot of time and energy to this point in this project, and having learned from past experiences, I believe I could benefit greatly by finding a person to share in bringing this project to profitable life. Being a technical person, I try to keep an eye on the big picture, however, I have found that is difficult when, as a function of software development, you must focus on the minutia. To that end, I would love to find a charismatic person with financial experience to act as the business guru to my technical endeavor. Call it a CEO, call it what you would like. Plainly put, I need someone to market and evangelize a software service while I take care of product development on the back end.