Koby's Skills
Product Management

About Koby

Me: I pride myself on being well rounded. My educational background is in finance/ management. I have worked in digital marketing for an eCommerce/PAAS company for 5+ years.
I manage accounts across 45 different countries and 27 languages at a spend of over $15,000,000 annually for a company doing +100 million dollars in annual revenue

My experience includes, but is not limited to: running SEM, SEO, and e-mail marketing campaigns. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and have experience in creating high conversion producing EDM landing pages.

Experienced in affiliate marketing both running affiliate campaigns and affiliate compliance

What I bring to the table:
1. An Idea (yup just like 50 million other people)
2. Complete understanding and experience in the marketing channels necessary for launching the app
3. Connections to VC and other financing sources including the former VP of capital markets at a large Canadian bank and a MD at a Hedge Fund
4. I have secured legal services from a intern at a "7 sisters" law firm in Toronto for equity contingent on creating an MVP
5. A designer for the app
6. Short term and long term monetization strategy
7. Wire frames.

What I need:
1. An app developer with understanding of objective c, apple SDK, has experience in bringing an app to market (the app store) even if it was a simple app.

The Idea:
1. Simple Idea (essentially a bubble sort algorithm)
2. Looking to build out an MVP to see if there is a market for the app at a low cost and then acquire funding for a full launch.