Kory Alden

Los Angeles, California, US

Kory's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Kory

Hi everyone. I am on here to seek a co-founder to be a part of the team, specifically someone that specializes in mobile and can not only manage teams of people, but is also a developer themselves.

A little about myself, I'm very good with company development, UX / SEO / social media / gorilla marketing, strategic partnerships, and fitting the role of CEO. I built my first company out of my garage in 2008 and sold my equity three years later to start my own marketing agency. My new business, Fanwire, is a really massive project and requires someone who understands data structure and the management of teams.

The ideal person can hop on the computer and fix bugs, handle tweaks, and being able to accept some pretty large challenges. They have the ability to find ideal employees to hire and who are competent.

Sweat equity is all that is needed, if you have capital to also contribute, it will bring you more equity and opportunity.

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