Kostas Trakas


Toronto, Canada

Founder, Nutu Inc. Make healthy behaviours addictive.
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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

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About Kostas

I use to create the value proposition and messaging for everyone from payers to healthcare providers to policy-makers. After almost two decades in multiple functions and roles within pharma I realized that drugs could become commodities, and that the solution to our healthcare crisis would require more than just another pill.

To that end, I started Nutu Inc. to begin building the digital tools to support people looking to improve their health. I am particularily interested in co-opting the digital behaviour change tools that are built into common platforms such as Facebook, Pokemon Go, and Fitbit. Here's the thing - I'm not a developer, I don't code, I couldn't create a great design or a compelling UX. I'm looking for partners who can bring some of these capabilities to the table. Let's change the future of healthcare. Let's make it addictive. Oh, and let's make it fun for a change.


Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. - Plato


University of Toronto

Ph.D. Pharmacology

1997 - 2001


Founder Institute Toronto