Kraig Ward

San Francisco, California, US

I help grow revenue while getting people to bond and making things work better.
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Business Development
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About Kraig

A farmer had two sons, who were both hard-working and efficient. When it came time to retire and pass down the farm, he passed it to the younger brother. The older brother, upset, demanded a reason why. Instead of responding, he asked the older brother to go down to Cibi’s farm and find out if he has any cows for sale. The older brother comes back and says, “yes, they have 6.” The father asks, “how much per cow?” The older brother leaves and comes back, “$200 per cow.” The father asks, ”can they deliver tomorrow?” The older brother goes back and returns with a yes. The father then asks the younger brother to go down to Cibi’s farm and find out if he has any cows for sale. The younger brother returns and says, “yes, they have cows for sale, each for $200. If we buy 6 cows, they'll discount $100. If we wait until next week, they will have special cows. If we need them more urgently, they can deliver tomorrow.” The father turns to the older brother and says, “That’s why your younger brother is getting the farm.” *Story by Mira Balachandran – I'd like to think of myself as the younger brother in this story.

Work Experience

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Executive Wellness Group

September 2002 - May 2005

*Grew from 2 certified providers to 69 within 6 months with maximum revenues of $250,000 *Launched dozens of direct response marketing campaigns offline/online resulting in 2,000+ MQL's *Expanded from our Salt Lake City headquarters to 3 additional locations throughout San Diego *Designed POS (point of sale) marketing system; converted 29 retail SMB’s = 50K in ARR *Managed day to day finances and forecasting to ensure weekly and monthly profitability *Sold the SLC division to Trinity Health in 2004

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

K2 Collective Inc.

June 2005 - August 2016

*Accrued over 12,000 hours selling technology stacks & service packages to the SMB *Recruited/Managed 138 reps across N. America, UK, NZ & AUS = 10MM in revenue *Deployed marketing automation software suite = reduced CAC by 61% ($900 to $350) *Drove continuous innovation via facilitating thousands of multi-variant A/B split tests *Crafted end-to-end online lead generation funnels responsible for over 100K MQL's *Implemented new prospect auto-booking software = 10x increase of SAL's *Crafted dozens of live and automated webinar presentations seen by 1MM+ attendees *Hosted over 1,200 live/interactive group training sessions for 25 to 249 participants *Built and implemented our tech stack leveraging 50+ cutting edge SaaS platforms *Hired/Managed dedicated Media Buyer responsible for 35K per/month ad budget *Generated over 250K in ARR (as a VAR) for our SaaS technology partners *Managed day to day finances and forecasting to ensure weekly and monthly profitability *Facilitated daily "SCRUM" & weekly "Huggle" team development/motivational calls *Evangelized the "Challenger Sale" methodology throughout the organization


Full Circle Productions

January 1998 - September 2002

*Produced music festivals throughout Salt Lake City, El Paso, and California *Raised funding, secured sponsorships, filed permits, hired security detail, managed talent *Rented sound, staging, lighting, coordinated paid/volunteer staff and organized concessions *Booked Internationally acclaimed DJ's, MC's and stage performers at world-class venues *Created marketing collateral, and secured free publicity via local newspapers and radio shows *Managed day to day finances and forecasting to ensure weekly and monthly profitability

COO & Data Specialist


August 2016 - December 2016

*Recruited to spin off an under-utilized asset into its own entity, raise 1MM, and play the role of COO *Worked w/the Lead Investor, Founder, CTO, CEO and Engineering team to evolve the product roadmap *Performed a competitive analysis and won the confidence of the CEO after 4 previous hires had failed *Coordinated new pricing/positioning strategy working closely with existing sales org to increase ACV/LTV *Prior to the project's successful completion, a new CEO and Chairman of the Board were brought in and performed a total overhaul of the business and it's priorities – resulting in my deliberate departure

Chief Sales Officer


December 2016 - May 2017

*First full-time hire tasked with scaling sales & managing ops while the founders were at Techstars Austin *Sourced 472 new deals within the first 90 days through cold outreach methods equating to 3MM+ in pipe *Generated consistent 8% week over week growth aiding in the close of our 1MM seed round of funding *Developed new models for pricing, positioning, forecasting, trial, onboarding, and contract negotiations *Fulfilled the roles of Business Development, Account Executive, Product Manager & Customer Success *Worked with the co-founders on the development of the product roadmap and establishing our ICP *Crafted scalable training systems to enable team growth and assisted with recruiting/onboarding


Clockwork Recruiting

June 2017 - Today

*Working directly with the CEO to launch a new business unit to support Talent Heads at PE/VC firms.