Kris Neely

San Francisco, California, US

Kris's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Kris

I have an idea for a B2B SaaS app based on my real world experiences at IBM, selling in the I.T. channel space, and as a customer purchasing complex software.

The app? Think expert system for complex sales. Think except instead of matching two people, this app matches something complex being sold (say, an asset management application) with every person working in a specific company/industry. And, not only is our app a matchmaker, it is also a guide telling our dater (the salesperson using this app) how to navigate the date (the sales process for this software at this company) and even what to say, to whom, and when to say it.

With multiple revenue lines, this app should hockey stick its growth. Think about this: (1) any firm that sells something complex is a prospect for this app. (2) Any firm that wants other firms to sell their complex stuff is a prospect for us. (3) Every sales professional trying to sell something across industries is a prospect for us. (4) Just the enterprise software market alone is over $300 MM a year in the U.S. All the companies that sell software in that space, or consult in that space, are potential customers of this app.

I was the founding CIO/CTO of DemandTec, which was later bought by IBM, and am by training a systems analyst/programmer, but have not written code for 10 years. I am very comfortable in an Agile environment and working with developers. Back-end things like infrastructure, high availability, keeping the platform up and running, secure, and well documented -- that is me. I can handle that. Doing presentations to clients and being an evangelist for this app -- that is me.

This app will leverage: big data, social media, Hadoop, cloud, PaaS, SaaS, B2B, and more. I have been working thru and documenting my ideas for this app for some time now.

It is time to make it happen.