Krishna Karambakkam

San Jose, California, US

Krishna's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Krishna

I am looking for a technical architect.
This could be someone who would also hire and lead an engineering team OR
someone who is technically skilled and hands on (or both!)

Preferred - Experience with databases and associated applications/platforms
(e.g., Oracle/MySQL, Hadoop, Spark, graph DBs)

About myself:
Over 15 years of experience in Product Development, Analytics/Modeling/Algorithm Development, Risk Management and Business Strategy.

Led the development of identity and risk management applications on an
enterprise Data platform at eBay. Led a variety of risk management functions at American Express including credit, pricing and loyalty programs
Spent 4 years at a startup - built virtual agents that communicate in natural
language and provide product information.

Academic Background:
PhD in Electrical Engineering - Yale University
Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engg - Indian Institute of Technology


Indian Institute of Technology

electrical engineering

1990 - 1990

Yale University

PhD in Electrical Engineering

1997 - 1997