Krishna Vedala

Miami, Florida, US

Applied Science Evangelist
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About Krishna

Senior scientist, an entrepreneur, and recognized technology leader for the successful design and execution of original algorithms that form the foundation for CarePredict Inc’s core product line. Co-founder in 2-person team that has grown the business from seed-concept to investor-backed upscaling business on-boarding clients nationwide with a global interest. Highly-skilled scientist with diverse set of computational skills applicable in the fields of Defense technology, Geology, Neuroscience, Geriatrics and Biomechanics.

Work Experience

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

CarePredict Inc

January 2013 - Today

As Chief Science Officer for CarePredict, created three components of the company’s feature product: wearable device, communication hub, beacon and system architecture and scientific algorithms. Science and Engineering: ● Pioneered Design and Implementation of original algorithms to detect dominant arm activities using a single wrist-worn device. ● Drafted the hardware and firmware architectures for the devices, Git process management and workflow, cross-team and offshore development collaborations. ● Developed the protocols for device-to-device communications, data packaging, and data storage ● Designed prototype hardware. ● Developed and implemented a USB interface that takes data from the wearable and sends this information to the computer through the interface in order for it to be used for analysis. Without the interface this data cannot be analyzed due to its volume. ● Defined all the protocols for device-to-device communications, data packaging, data storage, and storage of the data in SQL tables Company-wide: ● Implemented algorithms detecting human activities of daily living to develop predictive analytics signaling deteriorations in health. (Patent pending) ● Designed the DevOps platform for the company, documenting system protocols and architecture ● Directed team members in scientific research and engineering development to create innovative products and technology


FloridaInternational University

PhD - Electrical+Neural Engineering

2007 - 2013


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