Krisoth Thangarajah

Toronto, Canada

Founder of Set It Up, looking for multiple founders to join visit to learn more
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About Krisoth

Hello my name is Krisoth Thangarajah founder of Set It Up.

I am currently looking for founders to join my team as we are done creating our MVP. Joining founders are not required to invest in the product.

Sales Lead:
Highly motivated and skilled salesman who has a natural sense for closing sales
Team leader who can teach others how to sell our products, simplify processes for team members to understand
Strong personality that gives confidence to those around them
Knows how to sell new products & teach clients about something new to them
Responsible to maintain a team of sales associates and motivate them to drive optimal results
Someone who is looking for a long term company to grow in where they will be recognized as one of the leaders in the organization (Co-founder)
Ability to work with others in harmony & align their focusses as one

Marketing Lead:
In-depth knowledge in using social medias such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to market a product
Ability to organize creative campaigns that reduce costs but provide marketing results
Ability to direct and organize the creation of marketing material that will increase traffic for our product
Knows how to create ads with variables, test results, and use results to increase performance
Thorough understanding of SEO & can apply it to create more traffic
Expert in marketing and is confident with their approach
Ability to work with others in harmony & align their focusses as one

Product Lead
Jr-Senior Full Stack Developer is a minimum requirement for this position
Understands human psychology to a degree & can create a user friendly product through suggesting UX/UI design changes as necessary
Creative mind that can suggest new features that makes our product more efficient and drives more results for clients
Organize a team of developers and ensure they are performing optimally
Responsible for product development progress & deadline goals
Must be able to handle extensive pressure because coding always has its setbacks
Ability to work with others in harmony & align their focusses as one

Financial Lead
Able to take care of all financials for the company
Take care of applications with investors & allocate investments
Strategize ways to bring in more money for the companies campaigns
Take care of payroll for working employees
Ensure all businesses on the platform are paid accurately and request or distribute refunds as necessary
Minimum Bachelors in Accounting or Similar

Customer Relations Lead
Understands how to deal with customer complaints & ensure they are satisfied with you response
Has experience dealing with customer issues
Solving platform issues for consumers & businesses
Ensures all consumers and businesses on the platform find solutions for their issues within 24 hours
Ensure we have a 100% satisfaction rate with our customer service, our clients are happy & consumers who use our platform are happy
Minimum Bachelors in Business Technology or Information Technology
Ability to work with others in harmony & align their focusses as one


You are fortunate if you have learned the difference between temporary defeat and failure; more fortunate still, if you have learned that the very seed of success is dormant in every defeat that you experience. - Napoleon Hill


University of Waterloo

Honours Psychology

2013 - 2018