Krissy Ferro

New York, New York, US

Krissy's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Krissy

I'm extremely creative, hard worker, and determined to prove good companies do make. I'm an expert in beauty as well as a mother of 2 boys. g.

My beauty career began in the salon industry, and for now over 20 years, my experiences have given me full knowledge of both the industry and the consumer. I even was the makeup artist for the Milady cosmetology textbook I myself learned from, and a featured artist in the Milady 1st edition Makeup Artistry Textbook. At all times, I've always worked directly with customers, and my passion and intuition has always given me a direct connection to what women want and a unique approach that has kept my customers extremely loyal for years.
My purpose here is to find partners, co-founder, and/or a team. I am quick to realize my strengths and weaknesses- and I'm extremely upfront and honest. I want to be aligned with someone who has opposite strengths but the same passion to do things differently - Beauty is an incredibly awesome business to get into with insane margins, but I have fought and lost many battles to maintain the kind of company that this has become. One that leaves a legacy not a carbon foot print, a positive work culture that honors family and working styles, and opening doors of opportunity with jobs for many people who are always overlooked such as physical disabilities, our Vets, single Moms, and empowering both our customer, our team, and our community.
For the last several years, we've had enormous traction and sales opportunities, and at the same time enormous road blocks and set backs- mostly stemming from rapid growth, wrong people, and even being in the wrong town (Buffalo, NY). Many of whom were dazzled by what I was doing/loved the products, and spent months dragging out a deal that never happened. Every failure we should have shut down, and every time I resurrected everything to do more with less, and it's those times I created the concepts I have now that will disrupt the entire beauty industry.