Kristen Wu

New York, New York, US

Kristen's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kristen

NYC based Hi-Tech incubator is seeking CEO’s to lead its mobile app ventures in the following industry verticals.

1. Recruiting & Jobs
2. Hospitality, Sports and Entertainment
3. Online Dating
4. Furniture

These ventures are early stage startups with lofty goals and big plans for 2016-2017.

This role is ideal for someone who has a right mix of leadership, passion, energy, experience, business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative nature, problem solving skills along with exceptional oral and written communication skills.

The ideal candidate is an experienced entrepreneur who has taken at least one tech startup from seed round all the way to a successful exit.

Has extensive experience in fund raising through angels, super angels, venture capitalists and managing advisor and investor relationships.

Has a finger on the pulse of the respective industry and competitive trends, monitors key trends and pivots accordingly, solid team management skills to keep all employees sailing in the same direction; impeccable sales and motivational skills, while maintaining credibility with clients, investors and employees; keeps the business on plan and budget; and keep the company liquid.

The CEO will have primary responsibility for leading company operations, the overall growth strategy, organizational leadership, financial and organizational management, external communications, marketing, sales efforts to achieve the revenue objectives, promote company products through social media, making presentations in industry conferences, media appearances etc.

In addition to being the face, voice, and spirit of the company, the candidate must ensure company and its businesses comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and follow best practices where applicable. Report on milestones to the company’s owners and founding members.

Strong undergraduate and/or graduate academic credentials preferred.