Kristian Knudtson, CFA

Denver, Colorado, US

Kristian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kristian

I've spent a large portion of my career researching global companies (public and private); evaluating industries/markets/competitors, identifying key risks and opportunities, and using data and technology to make my research process as efficient and accurate as possible. My research tends to culminate into a recommendation for investment, which requires me to present/sell my ideas to decision makers for potential investment.

I have good technical skills regarding data analysis and understanding complex programs, but have limited experience in programming and software development. I hold a BSB from a top 30 business school and double majored in Entrepreneurial Management and Finance. I've earned my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, which is the most prestigious designation in my field, which required four years of rigorous study covering all facets of the financial industry (Equity/Fixed Income/Alternative Investments, Statistics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Economics, etc). My work experience includes working for large global investment firms with experience in both international and domestic markets.

Overall, what I feel I bring to the table is the ability to build strong business strategies through research and data, capital raising acumen, and the ability to sell and market businesses to external parties/consumers. What I'm ultimately looking for is a complementary co-founder who has strong programming and development skills. My initial goal is to meet people who have complementary skills and want to talk about ideas and are as passionate about building a product/brand/service as I am. It's not a reasonable expectation to just meet someone and go into business with one another - I'd like to give someone the opportunity to assess my skills and personality and be comfortable building a partnership with me, which is what I'd expect in return. My philosophy for building a business partnership is simple; most businesses fail because entrepreneurship is hard - successful businesses are built by teams, not individuals, and extraordinary perspectives and skills are what builds great teams. Good ideas can come from anywhere, you just need the right people and work ethic to make them happen.

I have some ideas as well as corresponding business plans that I've worked on, but haven't formally launched those plans. I am open to discussing ideas (both mine and yours) and building a rapport with those that share a passion for entrepreneurship.