Kristin Lindquist

Boulder, Colorado, US

Startup exec and people leader. Pathologically multi-disciplinary, passionate and geeky.
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About Kristin

I'm working on a startup called Rationally - - it is like Quora, but where questions are answered with evidence instead of opinion. The ultimate goal is lofty: to make evidence-based reasoning the norm and thereby increase humanity’s rate of progress.

Status: I've built an MVP product, have good evidence of product/market fit, have made good progress on the business side. Currently looking for a co-founder, starting to build out the user base and working on business model development, toward the end of raising a seed round.

I'm presently seeking a co-founder that will play something of a Chief Science Officer/Chief Evangelist role. This person will be charged with building out the Rationally community and pursuing relationships with relevant members of the academic & skeptics community. Additionally, this person will collaborate on product design and business model development. This person should have a scientific background, but is interested in science broadly rather than a narrow little slice of academic research. They should be a people person (probably an true extrovert, not just a situational extrovert who is really an introvert) and must sincerely enjoy evangelizing good ideas. Most importantly, I'm looking for a partner that is committed to honesty and, particularly important to the context of business, intellectual honesty. If you're familiar with Sam Harris, he discusses this in his essay "Lying" (don't be off put by the judgy title!).


“One of the great misconceptions we often carry throughout our lives is that our perceptions of ourselves and the world are basically accurate and true, that they reflect some stable, ultimate reality. This misconception leads to tremendous suffering, both globally and in our personal life situations.” - Joseph Goldstein