Kristina Paulauskaite

Business Development, Marketing, Sales

Dublin, Ireland


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About Kristina

I am a sales and marketing professional with 5 years of tech start up experience in Dublin and New York.
I started MapKangaroo when I moved back to Dublin and decided I wanted to be my own boss, create something meaningful for the people and learn some new skills.
MapKangaroo is a social tech app, which connects like-minded people and the activities around them. I am currently outsourcing the tech-development for it, however I believe to succeed I need somebody who is technical on my team at all times. Somebody who could look after the product and make sure it's running smoothly. We are still at a very young stage of the development, so I am looking for a co-founder and a CTO who will contribute their ideas, energy and time into this.
I can speak to you in English, Russian or Lithuanian languages, and prefer if you're in Dublin or London, or willing to move.
Please don't hesitate reaching out to me, if you think you fit the description or really like the idea and would like to find out more. I can assure you, journey will never be boring.


“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” - Steve Jobs


Founder & CEO of MapKangaroo