Kristofor Lawson

Melbourne, Australia

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First time founder

About Kristofor

I am a highly skilled digital editor, producer and journalist based in Melbourne, Australia keen to apply my skills to a startup. My work has been broadcast and published in various forms by SBS, The Courier-Mail, Quest Community Newspapers, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Walkley Magazine, and MacTalk. While I was a Digital Editor at News Corporation the website I managed was awarded Best Digital News Destination Rural/Regional/Suburban in the 2012 Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers' Association awards.

I hold bachelor’s degrees in journalism from the Queensland University of Technology (2009) and Interactive Entertainment (Animation) from QANTM College (2007). In 2010 I also completed a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) (Honours) program at RMIT in Melbourne. My research looked at how journalism could be re-invented by using mobile technology.

What I'm looking for is a technical co-founder who is passionate about changing how media is produced. I have a strong vision for my company and want to find someone who can contribute to that vision with their technical expertise - perhaps there's a way of doing something I haven't thought of yet. I have some technical skills so I won't be sitting around and watching you do all the work - but I will focus my energy on building our brand and growing our team.