Kriston Liburd

Business Development

Melbourne, Florida, US


About Kriston

I have Aviation , IT and Finance Experience. Recent grad, I have a great idea and feasible very lucrative in a industry that has over 36 millions customers a day just in the US. I looking to expand globally be swift and execute sharply. I have a full time job and it limits the amount of time I can physically and mentally work on this project. I will be looking forward to quitting from my job to pursue this fully with my co-founders and team.

From the very conservative numbers I was able to run. Daily Revenue from 1 % of one segment of the market we will go after will bring in $432,000! Our goal is 75% of the US market and you can do the numbers.

The biggest hurdle for this company will be pitching to our future customers and getting traction and validity. At that point it will be wash and repeat and looking to execute in the other segments.

This software application and hardware components will have many revenue streams and there is other ideas and concepts that can be tackle once this is underway using the same technologies we will be developing here.