Kristopher Craw

Chicago, Illinois, US

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About Kristopher

I'm an entrepreneur, full-stack software engineer (web), machine learning aficionado, finance nerd, and recovering lawyer. I've co-founded startups previously (one active and searching for product/market fit, but no successful exits... yet), and I currently work as a software engineer for a funded startup in Chicago while looking for my next opportunity. I'm looking to partner with a marketing whiz/hustler with at least 1 previous successful exit, to either join their startup, or to join me and my technical co-founder in mine.

A little more info:

I'm a full-stack web engineer with experience in everything from modern JavaScript frameworks, SQL databases, pub/sub and messaging systems, REST/GraphQL APIs, and a little machine learning. Most of my experience is in R&D and prototyping, and I've built several MPVs from crazy idea to production ready product, but I've also worked on post-revenue production systems serving 10s of thousands of customers daily. What I really love is the challenge of architecting technology and engineering performant, scalable solutions. I'm also fairly savvy with any analytical part of the business, and for random trivia, I used to be a lawyer (but I'd rather spend my life building cool stuff than litigating contracts).


We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams - Arthur O'Shaughnessy


Angelo State

B.I.S., Finance/Business

2006 - 2008

University of Denver


2009 - 2012