krunnal gharre

Pune, India

Seeking Co-founder for a Advanced Tech startup
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Serial entrepreneur, I have failed in multiple business and been relatively successful in one. I am the sole founder of a cloud based render farm and is currently the business that supports my new ventures and supports me and my families food and shelter requirement. I have learnt a lot from my failures and think have a clear idea as to the kind of business i want to be in, the business model i want and the kind of person i want as a cofounder to take the business big.
My current startup Odineye Technologies is a Mobile based technology startup focusing on using machine vision and machine learning to offer the best and most affordable solution to my customer. We are in advanced stage of the development with trail tests and possible alpha launch by September.
We are looking for a cofounder for Odineye Technologies who can bring exceptional value on board both in terms of experience, knowledge, integrity and passion.


I have a dream - krunnal gharre

Work Experience


Six Steps

March 2008 - Today

A cloud based render farm offering rendering infrastructure as a service to media and entertainment companies globally. The render farm is one of the most well known brands in India. Activities included: Setting up a high end HPC cluster for rendering. Sourcing and server designs to build the most cost effective servers. Strong technical input to create a Parallel computing application to support large scale renders. Work and develop partnerships with foreign counterparts to enhance machine availability and availability Setup a auto scaling HPC cluster on amazon cloud encompassing over 12 regions globally Managed a small team to develop a sophisticated render platform Managed sales and business development

Founder: Director

Odinieye Technologies Pvt Ltd

July 2017 - Today

The company is formally created on July 2017. The development work for the product started in March 2016 funded by my other firm Six Steps. The company focuses on state of the art mobile based security solution using advanced machine vision and native root level mobile development. The aim is to make security, surveillance and safety accessible to every household globally.


Thunderbird School of Management, Arizona


2006 - 2008


Six Sigma Green Belt