Kumar Raj

Bengaluru, India

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Product Management

About Kumar


I am a B. Tech graduate from IIT-Kharagpur and highly enthusiastic about startups. I believe self-motivation and confidence are the keys to success.I am highly interested in ideas and people who are concerned with solving basic problems of the world while putting monetary returns as a secondary intention.

I am a Data Scientist cum full stack app developer with good knowledge of front end and backend development .

Check out my application on playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=TaskUse%20Systems&hl=en

I have a passion for coding and an extensive knowledge of Statistics,Predictive Analytics and Text Analytics using Python and R with a good knowledge of SQL and MapReduce for querying relational and NoSql databases.

Data science itself doesn't add any value to the business unless you make data driven insights presentable and provide interface to the users to interact with models.Therefore I started learning web development and at present I am pretty much conversant with backend web development . I also have good understanding of AngularJS,Jquery,html and CSS.

LinkedIn Profile : https://in.linkedin.com/pub/kumar-raj/32/14b/354

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Indian institute of technology, Kharagpur


2014 - 2014