Kumar Ranjan

New Delhi, India

Kumar Ranjan Founder DealComeTrue
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About Kumar

The Founder- A dreamer and a doer, launched worlds first and the only Buying Engine (C), DealComeTrue, which can change the way people shop, for 'good'. Packed with 100+ ecommerce stores, lacs of brands, useful unheard of features ensures DealComeTrue is useful saving a lot of additional money and time, converting shopping into an experience.

The Marketer- With over 25 years in Marketing, Advertising, Brand Development, Brand Management, I have initiated many trends and dogmas and innovated a few, while heading, strengthening, growing businesses of three countries (India, Singapore, and Hong Kong).

I have Launched top line International Brands from various industries/countries in the Indian marketplace as well as several award-winning Start-ups with a thumping success. Strategy-driven approach to brands and businesses is my innate ability nurtured most by the enriching association with cult brands and businesses.

A Painter and a Musician by DNA and an Entrepreneur by choice.


marketing is everything, products are woven around it - Kumar Ranjan

Work Experience


Apppl Combine

October 1998 - Today

Marketing knows no bounds. What holds a person back are their preconceived notions. As we break free, we realize that the only constraint to realizing our dreams has been our own ideas. And that was exactly what brought about the very genesis of APPPL Combine. The need, the desire, the passion to think beyond, to explore beyond, to act beyond an idea, TO BE GREATER THAN AN IDEA. APPPL Combine is a hybrid, Innovative & fast growing multinational marketing communication agency, which operates on a borderless front from the international offices in Singapore, India and Hong Kong.


Delhi University

Post Grad

1994 - 1996