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About Kunal

I am a IT Security professional, who has a full time job; plus have a hobby project on the side, and am looking to setup a website and attract people to participate in some online contests. Hence, I am looking to partner up with someone.

The cofounder gets:
- name and fame
- a partnership with the project
- the sense to see something grow & mature up
- the rights to brag, when this becomes something admirable
- to clarify, there is zero cash commitment here. I am not looking for someone to earn $x and then leave the project. I want someone who will stay forever

The cofounder needs to:
- be very motivated and passionate about what s/he does
- be very good at any one tech platform (WordPress, Joomla, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, anything)
- be willing to develop and re-develop pages as many times as needed
- AND be willing to be a partner, and not just a service provider. Share ideas and thoughts!

I have thought and discussed with a few people. The reason I am not going with a freelancer in the traditional sense is because I would like the website to be constantly be tweaked and updated. Plus I would like the person to have some sense of ownership, and hence be interested in doing his/her best.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, pls send your thoughts and tell me about yourself.



11 technical certs