Kunal Chitkara

New Delhi, India

Product Development Specialist | Engineering Manager | Ex-CTO @ LWT | ex-BCG | ex-Citi
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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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About Kunal

I am Kunal Chitkara, from New Delhi, India. With around 9 years of IT experience, mostly in Full Stack Application Development, I am currently working as a backend architect in a New Delhi-based startup called Roadzen Technologies. I am managing multiple projects with most of my focus on writing new products from scratch. My experience has been that of an Engineering Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect, and Full Stack Product Developer. I started my career on the Microsoft Stack using Web APIs, Web Forms, MVC, Web Jobs, Web Services, Windows Services, SQL Server, Database Designs, System Designs, User Experience, Angular, Javascript, JQuery, and a lot more, whatever interested me in my learning time. In my current role, I am working enthusiastically on the open-source world of Web Application development and DevOps using Typescript, Javascript, Dockers, Kubernetes, NodeJs, NestJs, ReactJs, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.
As an entrepreneur at heart, I am always keen on discussing new business ideas and building projects from the scratch. I like to believe that I am a good manager of my time and hence do not extend on any deadline once committed. I also have experience in managing a team comprising a Tech Lead, three Developers, BA, and QA.


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