Kunal Kerai

San Francisco, California, US

Career Consultant | Founder | Making Happier Teams Through Data
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Some fun, non-relevant experiences:

I used to be a hardcore gaymer-- in terms of player vs. player gaming (PvP), I've been nationally ranked in Guild Wars 2 (top 40) and I've been in the top 10% of players.

I've paid for my entire college tuition so far ($87,000) while financially supporting my low income family of eight by working 2-3 jobs averaging about 65 hours a week while also being a full time student maintaining a 3.83 and 3.90 GPA in my double majors (Psychology and Rhetoric).

Some more relevant accomplishments:
I have taught a UC Berkeley class on Mean Girls for 120+ students.
I have raised over $8000 dollars for the Cal queer community compared to a standard $3500
I've lead sexual assault prevention talks for over 10,000 students.
I've run an organization of 5000 people where I increased growth rate from a stagnant 105% to 140%
I've conducted over 9 research projects over the span of 2 years. 3 of them are published and one contributed to the movie Inside Out.
I am a chief consultant for a catering company based in San Diego that hires women survivors of domestic abuse and help grow the company profits and the client base by 30%.

Work Experience

Career Consultant and Freelance Writer

Kunal Kerai

December 2013 - December 2016