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Hello, this is Kunal, an aspiring entrepreneur in the field of alternative agriculture. I have a professional background in Human Resources (insurance) and in training delivery (education). Education-wise, I have engineering and management qualifications. What I bring to the table are the following: decent communication skills, people management skills, analytical abilities, a willingness to formulate and engineer processes and systems. My idea, while facing the challenge of scaling up and of economy of scale, also provides an early starter opportunity in a market where the current product's (agricultural produce and seafood/aquatic products) quality is becoming downgraded, and increasingly contaminated with time and the alternative (read, organic) is costly. Hence, a gap which I think can be serviced by my idea, if able to be executed efficiently. My ideal co founder (sweat equity) should be the following: innovative, 80:20 (80 %- a stickler for processes, 20%- unconventional & agile), analytical, having an ability to lead AND follow and a flair for networking!


IMT, Ghaziabad


2008 - 2008