Kurt Allen

East Northport, New York, US

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My organization, Financial Aid Foundation, is regarded to be one of the most potentially game changing organizations to launch this year. We are currently establishing ourselves to become a household name as "the place to go" to donate or lend financial assistance to any college or postgraduate student who is beginning or struggling to pay for his or her student aid loan. This not for profit establishment intends to provide a social media public gathering for colleges, students and educators to collaborate and provide mentorship assistance for students and loan seekers. This collaboration will additionally provide a unique marketing environment for businesses and universities. Our high profile access will serve to provide advertising using new mediums that will help to recruit and promote sales for many industries.

I have over 20 years of experience in Sales, I.T., Wed Design, Management, and Teaching/Education. I currently hold a BS in Marketing, and MBA in Banking & Finance, two certifications in Education, and a Cisco Networking Certification.

I am very passionate about the problems with student loan debt. Being a current holder of a student loan, I came up with the concept of having investors and donors help students get a debt free college education. My idea involves crowdfunding and micro-lending. The two concepts together provide a creative solution for students to pay for college without taking out a student loan.

There is much more to discuss about my organization, but I cannot do it alone. Several companies have donated their time and resources to help me get the organization to its current level. Like anything else, people can only donate so much of their time and still be able to pay their own bills.

What I need is a partner or co-founder with connections and an entrepreneurial spirit. I need people to further develop the website, and raise funding so that the planned capabilities of the website will become a reality. The plan is in place. The main thing that is missing is the ability to execute.

The right person(s) will realize that college micro-lending / micro-financing is an untapped market. Donors will be able to reap the benefits of becoming mentors and doing something positive that affects a students' future. At the end of the day, revenue is generated per EVERY transaction that occurs through the website.

With over $1 Trillion in student loan debt, something has to be done to help students achieve a brighter future. I need someone (or a team) that shares this vision and can see the overall revenue potential. The business plan is almost complete, but open for input by the right person or team.

Watch the promo video and contact me to have a discussion.

Thank you.


Dowling College

MBA - Finance

2000 - 2000

Stony Brook University

Educational Administration

2010 - 2010

SUNY Oswego


1991 - 1991