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Kurt Kan

Atlanta, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Programming, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Management
I'm an entrepreneur with technical as well as a business background. Over the years I have built a brand with a patented industrial mobile solution, which is currently in commercial use. The solution includes specific counting and measuring capabilities, plus inventory management software (cloud based) for industrial customers. We currently have a customer base, my objective is to grow the business; I'm looking for partners who can offer marketing and business development skills, to bring new ideas and momentum. We have updated our software recently and currently working on adding object-detection capability using AI methodologies and tools. I'm primarily looking for a partner with a marketing and/or business background to help grow the business. Communication, clarity, and simplicity are very important to me. I'm also open to working with a mentor. If interested or have questions, I would like to talk...

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