Kurt Kan

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Kurt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Kurt

I'm an entrepreneur with technical as well as a business background. I built and patented an industrial mobile solution, which is currently in commercial use globally. I'm now creating a new platform for businesses to engage in better online marketing and presence. The development phase has been completed with my own financial and technical knowledge and resources, over the course of the past year. The solution offers online marketing automation for small businesses with social monitoring, social media posting, dynamic content, landing pages, and more.

I'm primarily looking for a co-founder with a marketing background, to plan and address ongoing marketing efforts. Good communications, clarity, and simplicity are very important to me. I'm also interested in additional co-founders in business as well as in technology, and I'm open to working with a mentor.

If interested or have questions, I would like to talk...