Kushagra Nigam

Melbourne, Australia

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About Kushagra

I am building a service based organisation catering to students and working population with the aim of providing researched information, consultancy and guidance to individuals and groups in regards to the changing pattern is the workplace, the new job opportunities and connecting individuals to course providers (more specifically online courses).
This is the first phase.
Second phase consists of connecting graduates with Employers and vice versa (I need HR advice here).
I seek 3 individuals with specific skills:
Firstly, a Marketing Wizard who has experience or creative ideas in promoting service based organisation.
Secondly, someone with HR expertise who has a sound understanding of the current employment trends and can work on concepts of future employment.
Finally, an IT expert who has the ability to build portals, online services and develop web content to connect educational providers from around the world.
I have a background in International Relations and currently working towards career's counselling to hold a career's practitioner license.


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La Trobe University

Bachelor of Arts

2014 - 2017

University of Queensland

Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies

2017 - 2018