Natick, Massachusetts, US

3kv's Skills
Product Management

About 3kv

My experience and preference revolves around useful technology. I'm hard at work bringing human factors into humanitarian social network applications and geo enabled systems. I'm forward thinking, pleasant to be around, honest, and above all excellent at creative problem solving under pressure. I am tenacious and wear many hats by nature so I'm confident that the startup realm is where I need to be.

Finding an investor/advisor here would enable technology that will drive social interactions in the developing world in a healthy direction and satisfy domestic needs for reasonable control over their own digital existence.
I support data sovereignty, open source and open philosophies.

People. I enjoy the process of introducing new ideas and eliciting creativity from others.
Problems. Pinpointing underlying issues and solving for long term benefit makes me very happy.
Design. Systems, processes, user interface, html, graphics and social tech. are my areas of work.
Understanding. My experiences range from military to medical to social services and extensive travel.
Expression. Written word, audio/video editing and production, concepts, analogies and artistic talent.