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New York, United States
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Hi - I'm currently finishing up my MBA studies at NYU Stern and I want to leave school and throw myself full time into a start-up. Prior to getting my MBA I co-founded Vietnam's first private free-to-air television station. Before that, I got my BA in History at Oxford University. I'm working on an business plan that operates at the intersection between social networking, gaming and self-improvement. The basic concept is to allow people to track and compare their real life achievements using an online tool. The tool itself is just a linchpin in creating an entirely new "Achievement" industry that helps people achieve their goals and dreams by using powerful mechanics borrowed from games. To be clear - this is not just a single tech product. It is a product, a service and a source of information. This ecosystem will be more sustainable and a better business prospect than a product alone. Gamification is a word that has been bandied around for some time and a number of commercial ventures have toyed with the concept. As of yet I do not feel anyone has truly embraced the potential of the powerful motivational mechanics used by the game industry. I've got the business plan (including the diverse revenue sources) outlined. I've also begun to design the systems required as well as the stages of development on paper and in wireframe mockups. I am able to put together websites and carry out basic JS/PHP work but I'm looking for someone with much more experience in web development to join the project to expedite the process. Whilst this is not my area of expertise I believe the skills required would be HTML, CSS, JS or a similar language, PHP/Ruby/Python, MySQL and the other web-dev basics. The only additional component would be some experience (or willing to learn) Wiki software, as wikis currently come into one phase of the plan. In terms of schedule I want to get a MVP/prototype up and running by May so that we can get into the new (unannounced) NYU startup accelerator. I am still studying for my MBA but my workload is minor and this project takes precedent. The NYU startup accelerator programme would be a great jumpstart for the company. As it is only open to companies with a NYU co-founded I'm also confident about our chances of acquiring a position. The accelerator would be over Summer. In terms of funding I have good access to additional sources. The important part right now is to get an MVP/prototype up and running and to begin gaining some traction so I can convince this capital about the viability of the project. Thank you for taking the time to read through this description. I want to find a young, talented and hungry developer who is interested in what I believe to be a large opportunity. I can go into more detail in person. Thanks!

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