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New York, United States
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Business Development, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Management, Finance
FENIX is launching this July as the first personalized nutrition app and lifestyle brand targeting younger, more progressive & health-conscious consumers (as opposed to obese and overweight baby-boomers). We're also the first virtual coaching app to gamify nutrition and offer our own nutritional products. Our coaching team consists of cutting edge thought leaders in the space, and we've tapped influencers that already incorporate health & wellness into their daily routines to help spread awareness of the invite-only launch. Current partnerships are with some of the top health and social clubs in the country. Additionally, FENIX will be featured on a national television series in 2018, adding yet another unique customer acquisition channel. ABOUT ME: I have founded, consulted, and advised a variety of early-stage companies in real estate, hospitality, on-demand lifestyle services, apparel, and health/wellness. I also helped lead enterprise sales and business development at ZocDoc, one of the most notable health technology startups in NYC.

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